There can be plenty of reasons to hire best New York sidewalk contractors for repair. But first is we should know why a sturdy concrete sidewalk might need repair work. For instance it may happen because of uneven distribution of melted concrete over a given surface. It can occur due to moving of unusually heavy objects and vehicles from the sidewalk area can cause it to crack and crumble. An unusual contraction and expansion of surface because of change in weather can be a cause for sidewalk damage. No matter what the reason for the crumbling concrete it can repaired with help of best NYC sidewalk contractors by following some ways and means.
Hereby listed are some tips followed by top New York Sidewalk Contractors for repairs.

As per the New York sidewalk contractors spalling of concrete slabs can easily be taken care of with a little bit of effort and it can be as good as new for a long span of time. One of the methods of doing so is to apply cement stucco over the cracks of the sidewalk. It is a mix of Portland cement and medium sand that can get into the cracks of the slab and hold it together. The stucco layer should be as thin as quarter inch if the good status of the sidewalk needs to be maintained.

The sand used in the making of stucco can be of fine, medium and coarse in terms of varieties. The reason for using medium sand is to give an even look to the sidewalk once the work is done and the stucco dries out. Fine sand will not hold the place together for long and coarse sand give a rough repair outcome. However, there are times when the other varieties are also brought to use. As per New York sidewalk contractors a successful repair happens only when the deformed layer of a concrete slab is removed permanently before the stucco mix is poured onto the sidewalk.

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